Notes: We were supposed to run this on a Wednesday night in the summer per our custom, but we had to modify the workout due to massive thunderstorms. That front brought really warm weather with it. We tried running the workout again on the following Saturday, but it was simply far too hot and humid to be useful. This workout never should have been run. Even in the middle of it, I should have cancelled the effort. Brutal weather, even just before 9:00 am

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Name Grade 1200 Grass 400 Grass 800 Grass 1600 Time Improvement
Izewski Sr 30:20
B. Kontney Sr 31:09
Leonard Sr 31:49
Eckels Jr 34:00
Simons Jr 34:20
C. Kontney Sr 36:47
Sauerland So 37:32
Busse Jr 38:05
Jacobo Fr 38:10
A. Kiefer Jr 38:12
Frank So 38:52
Kieliszewski Sr 39:16
Gordon Sr 40:27
Lambke So 40:28
Gudivada Jr 40:43
Alvarez Sr 41:05
Wu So 43:48
Douglas So 43:53
C. Kiefer So 43:58